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The Monster Students are all present and accounted for – more or less.

The daughter of Mr. Frankenstien  & Mrs. Frankenstein (aka – Bride of Frankenstein), Frankie Stein continues her family tradition being somewhat shy, polite, very kind, and a little clumsy. But, what’s a ghoul to do when she’s held together by stitches and neck bolts? Highlighting her black and white hair is a monster of a smile and sparkling personality.  Even though she is the new ghoul in school, Frankie is regarded as a good friend to have.

Captain of the Fearleading Squad, Cleo de Nile is an inspiration to all who see her jumping, cheering, and leading her fellow monsters with team spirit.  However, Cleo – who is 5,844 years old, insists she is in her prime.  “After all,” she said.  “My father – The Mummy, just keeps coming back.”  Cleo is heavy into the social scene and something of an ego-centric monster, but her boyfriend – Deuce Gorgon, tends to reign her in.

If you hear a Monster High student speaking with an Australian accent it’s safe to assume it is Lagoona Blue.  When her friends say she is Down, they don’t mean she’s unhappy.  It means she is from “Down Under” – it’s how Aussies refer to their country.  Among her many talents is the ability to speak to water animals, which is very common for many Aussies. Around Monster High she is a sporty, lovable ghouls with many friend.  Her favorite pet is a piranha named Neptuna.  Her boyfriend is “Gill” Gillington.

Crescent, is the name of her small black cat and she goes everywhere with Clawdeen Wolf, causing people to remark on the – “odd couple”.  There is more than one litter in her family, but she is closest to her brother – Clawd Wolf, and her younger sisters – Clawdia & Howleen.  Her pointed wolf ears are pierced to accent her body which is entirely covered with fur.

Clawdeen is a little concerned about the “Autumn-Spring” relationship her brother – Clawd, is in.  He’s dating a much older woman.  In fact, she’s almost 1600 years older … give or take a century or two.  Clawd’s sweetheart – Draculaura, is the daughter of a celebrity, Count Dracula.  Although they make a dashing couple, they do have some very distinct differences. Her pale pink skin is a direct contrast to Claude’s shiny dark fur and while Clawd is a carnivore, she is a vegan who almost faints at the sight of blood.  Like Clawdeen, Draculaura goes everywhere with her favorite pet – Count Fabulous, a bat who likes to hang out.